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28 May

Voice Week 2014 Is Over

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Voice Week: Friday – Scout | christina kann

30 Sep

I’ve seen how the Rose will die, and it’s not as pathetic as being drowned by a lowly waterward. I’ve seen the fire inside her, and seawater is not enough to kill it.

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yikici Izzy’s Secret Voice Week 2014 – A Bonus – yikici

27 Sep

I parked outside the Mansion with its unwelcoming bricks.  I hate coming here.  But today is the day.  I sink my head onto the steering wheel and my whole body sighs.  This is it.  I’ve served them all my life for this moment of freedom, the day has finally arrived, one last meeting, a last handover, but this time I will set the record straight, Kylie will not be staying behind like I was made to do so.

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The End of the World: Friday – bekindrewrite

27 Sep

It started in a way I didn’t expect. I guess no one did. At first, it seemed like some dark cosmic joke. We had just enough time to realize we didn’t have time.

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Dimensions of My Universe: Voice Week Day 5 — Beautiful Chaos

27 Sep

I sit on the worn porch to my house and look up at the stars. There’s a certain wisdom about them that doesn’t let my eyes stray.

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From One to Another Voice 5 of 5 | Austere Alacrity

26 Sep

Dear Anita,

Hope this letter finds you in good spirits.

Jake handed me your story last week. I really enjoyed it. It took me to a different world, I swam in its waves –  sinking with its troughs and surfing with its crests.

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Voice Week 2014–Cedric | In the Words of an Evan

26 Sep

He thought back to last week in the cell, when they asked what he wanted to see for Last Light.

Most guys his age would have asked for a stripper.

He asked for darkness.

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Hunt for the infernal beast – Pt 5 | Blog of the imaginator

26 Sep

I love days like this.

The sun gleams in a cerulean sky, and the sweet earthy smell of petrichor fills the crisp autumn air.

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Playground | Thin spiral notebook

26 Sep

Why do they just come here for drop-offs and kid exchanges? This is a place for fun, for laughter, not for bitch sessions.

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yikici Izzy’s Secret Voice Week 2014 – Day Five – yikici

26 Sep

I sink into the closed door of Izzy’s study, tears silently trickle down my sodden cheeks.  Why was she seeing h-him?  It was hh-he, who…I grasp frantically onto the gold locket around my neck, it’s still here. My lungs relax a little.

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Stori Tori’s Blog: Voice Week Day 5: Brian

26 Sep

Brian sat in the corner of the test room, rocking, holding his injured arm and holding back his tears. He should not cry like a child. Adults do not cry.

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The Breakup Part V: Noodles to the Rescue | The Netherworld

26 Sep

Who’s a good boy?

Noodles is a good boy!

I was tired of my human being so down about everything since he broke up with his girlfriend.

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“The Spring Cart: Part Five” | Love The Bad Guy

26 Sep

I’m a damned fool. Even the horse is smarter than I am; he could sense the lay of the land, and yet I pushed him on, and now—God help me, it hurts.

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First contact 5 – Jinnis Keet | Keith Kreates

26 Sep

Wow! Twenty-three light years, and I seemed to arrive on Terra the exact moment I left Grintsk. I saw four Terrans when I arrived: two males, one older female and one younger female.

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Voice Week 14 – Day 5 | Scratchypen’s Blog

26 Sep

Smythe’s experience with cloaking technology was somewhat limited. He struggled with the balance between chemical reactions, static electricity and crystalline formations; not usually getting the result he desired, or expected.

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Voice Week 2014 – 5: Eric | elmowrites

26 Sep

Sometimes, you just want something sweet and tasty and brightly-coloured. It’s not an addiction, barely even a habit.

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