Pre-Voice Week example!

10 Sep

Here are a couple of samples of what Voice Week pieces might look like. Using the prompt “hospital room,” I wrote these pieces with as many of the same facts as possible, but changed the way I relayed those facts in each story. 

 So, Monday I would post this:

Walls, beige. The color of throw-up. Tiny window with a fantastic view of the concrete roof. I’m strapped down with hoses and tubes leading from I-don’t-know-what to I-don’t-know-where. Next to me there’s this tall bleepy thing on metal spider legs with wheels. That’s comforting. And on the windowsill, a whole collection of Get Well paraphernalia. A pink bear. Some wilting flowers. A bunch of cards that look like the glitter fairy sneezed on them. All straight from the gift shop, from people who take off again after five minutes, because I need my rest. Yeah. Thanks.

 And Tuesday I would post this:

Everything, from the beige walls, to the small window, to the chair in the corner, is nondescript, soulless. Every now and again, I glance around at the machines above my head, the complicated masses of buttons and beeps and plastic and stainless steel. There is a clutter of color on the windowsill, where my visitors set up toys and greeting cards. They don’t stay long when they bring me the gifts; they smile awkwardly and say almost-clever things about the flowers. They try to fill up the silence, and when they find they can’t, they leave; their eyes apologizing, but their lips making excuses.

Then I might ask my readers what kind of person they think would write the piece, and how Tuesday’s piece is similar or different from Monday’s.

Have questions? Want to join in? Comment below!


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