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Quick Notes and Exultations

26 Sep

Voice Week has begun and the work so far is awesome. I am positively giddy from drinking in all the talent.

Some quick FYIs:

1. The Voice Writers are all over the world! And multiple time zones might mean my Monday is not the same as your Monday. Not to worry! I will get around to reblogging your pieces, but due to time zones and my day job, it might not be until the next day. This also means that it’s okay if you’re late posting your piece. I’ll still see it and link it.

2. WordPress has messed up the reblog button. Yeah, wouldn’t you know it would happen right before Voice Week. But I’m using “press this,” which does the job just fine.

3. Wednesdays and Thursdays are crazy for me. So those days, stuff might not get reblogged till even later. If you can’t wait for the reblog to read everyone’s work, you can also just click the names in the Voice Writers column on the homepage. Lord willin’ and the crik don’t rise, everything will be reblogged by Sunday.

4. Some folks are asking if I’m using ping backs, or what? I start with the pingbacks and then rely on the Voice Writer links on the homepage. This means if you link back to a specific post, I will see your work earlier, but if you only link to the homepage, that’s okay; I’ll get to you! Where you link won’t have any effect on the prize-giving (that goes only by the Voice Writer link list, which is why I’m not on it. XD ) Oh, and it works better if you link to Voice Week, not BeKindRewrite, ’cause I won’t be spending much time on my personal blog this week.

Thanks for your patience, all, and keep up the brilliant work!


Pre-Voice Week example!

10 Sep

Here are a couple of samples of what Voice Week pieces might look like. Using the prompt “hospital room,” I wrote these pieces with as many of the same facts as possible, but changed the way I relayed those facts in each story. 
Read the rest…

Want to learn what voice is? Want to find yours?

28 May

Voice Week 2014 Is Over

But it will be back next year! Subscribe to for details.

Surrounded by the talent and support of the InMonsters, you will write and publish your own experiments in voice, and get feedback from both new and professional writers from all different backgrounds.

You’ll also read and comment on the voice experiments of those same writers, so you can learn from them, and they can learn from you. Think of it as an online writers’ think tank, where inspiration grows exponentially with each participating writer.

It’s free, and it’s open to everyone.

Join the Genius – Comment below if you want to be in on the challenge. Click subscribe (top right) to get Voice Week stories by email.

Learn More – Participant? Be sure to check out the About and FAQs.

Meet the Founder – Stephanie of BeKindRewrite is a professional copywriter and aspiring novelist.

More About Voice – Still not sure what voice is? Check out this article on voice, and these great voice examples.