Voice Week – Day 5 {I like you} | The Muse Unleashed

26 Sep

“I do most ardently admire you.”

But of course he does. They all did.

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Voice 5 – Voice Week 2014 | Into the Sun

26 Sep

We are getting reports that a young female dressed in a St Augustine’s uniform has stabbed a young male multiple times in the chest. The incident occurred on one of the downtown buses just moments ago.

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Voice Week Part Five: The Man at the Monument Shop « Red Twilight

26 Sep

Selling tombstones is funny work. It’s got to be funny or else it’s depressing. The other day a snippy man with a face like a hippopotamus came in and asked whether we sold wooden tombstones.

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Voice Week Day #5 | File Cabinet Ramblings

26 Sep

“This was meant for me.  He purposefully sought out a victim that looked like Raina to taunt me.  His timing is impeccable too, setting this up to be found on the ten year anniversary of finding my own daughter the same way.

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The End of the World: Thursday – bekindrewrite

26 Sep

This can’t be it. No freaking way. I ain’t saying goodbye cruel world over a little chill.

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Dimensions of My Universe: Voice Week Day 4 — The World Is Sleeping

26 Sep

I lay with my back pressed to the cool rooftop and gaze skywards. There’s something about the night that brings tranquility to my heart.

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Voices Week – Truth | Jen’s Rambling Thoughts

26 Sep

If Coach Mickelson were ten years younger, I’d give him a 60% chance of living another three years. Given his age and current lung capacity, though, he won’t make it three months without a transplant.

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Voices Week – Fear | Jen’s Rambling Thoughts

26 Sep

Somthin’ ain’t right with Coach. He ain’t himself but wants us to think he’s fine. Why can’t he tell us what’s wrong? I never knew my own Pa – he walked out on Ma before I was born.

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Voices Week – Acceptance | Jen’s Rambling Thoughts

26 Sep

He can’t die. That’s all there is to it. Nobody saw this coming, least of all me, but now that it’s here, we have to deal with this head-on.

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Voices Week – Denial | Jen’s Rambling Thoughts

26 Sep

I’m not dying!. For Christ’s sake, I played football for years. My knees are jelly now and my back went out on me years ago, but my lungs?

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yikici Izzy’s Secret Voice Week 2014 – Day Four – yikici

25 Sep

Who the hell does she think she is?  All smug in her pristine, prim clothes.  She better be washing her mouth with soap after all those obscenities she let fly out from her pretty pink lips.

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Stori Tori’s Blog: Voice Week Day 4: Emil

25 Sep

Emil sat on the floor of the test room, tapping the back of his head against the padded wall over and over again. His stomach growled for the millionth time. When were the grens gonna feed him?

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Hunt for the infernal beast – Pt 4 | Blog of the imaginator

25 Sep


Soon my plan is complete; soon my Baron is bear meat!

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Passing muster | Thin spiral notebook

25 Sep

I blatantly inspect his table manners.

Are his elbows on the table? Does he ham-fist his fork?

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The Obliviously Attentive Voice 4 of 5 | Austere Alacrity

25 Sep

There is so much to write, so much to capture.

That couple by the side-walk… How the girl’s eyes waiver as this other guy passes by…

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