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Voice Week 2011: Thursday « BeKindRewrite

29 Sep

If the woman had a single flaw, her flaw was weakness; weakness for the caresses of wandering sirs who were more knave than knight, and weakness for spirits when they left her for their more elegant wives.

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Voice Week 2011: Wednesday « BeKindRewrite

28 Sep

When they ask, I tell them that my mother taught me everything I know. 

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Voice Week 2011: Tuesday « BeKindRewrite

27 Sep

My mamma ain’t much of one. Don’t read us stories, don’t make us dinner, don’t get us dressed in the morning.

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Voice Week 2011: Monday « BeKindRewrite

26 Sep

The thing about my mom – she’s sick a lot. Not the kind of sick you get from germs and stuff, but the kind you get from life.

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Pre-Voice Week example!

10 Sep

Here are a couple of samples of what Voice Week pieces might look like. Using the prompt “hospital room,” I wrote these pieces with as many of the same facts as possible, but changed the way I relayed those facts in each story. 
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Want to learn what voice is? Want to find yours?

28 May

Voice Week 2014 Is Over

But it will be back next year! Subscribe to BeKindRewrite.com for details.

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You’ll also read and comment on the voice experiments of those same writers, so you can learn from them, and they can learn from you. Think of it as an online writers’ think tank, where inspiration grows exponentially with each participating writer.

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